Tired of the Runaround?

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At Optimal Hearing, we believe better hearing does not have to be a game of smoke and mirrors.  We've been helping folks just like you and your family,  improve their quality of life through better hearing.  It's important to know, as a potential patient, there are dozens of factors that go into determining the best treatment for hearing loss. 

Some of these factors are:

  • Patient Dexterity
  • Cosmetic preferences
  • Listening Environment/Lifestyle
  • Acoustic Properties of certain devices

So, please don't feel as though we can't always answer the question "how much are your hearing aids?" because, honestly, we don't know?  We've even saved patients thousands of dollars by identifying ear wax as the culprit of hearing loss.  We always recommend a thorough evaluation and professional judgement to find the right course of action for a patient's needs and budget.

However, we also understand some patients just want the bottom line "how much is this going to cost me?"  So, in order to better serve you, we're happy to provide a no-obligation quote on hearing aids.  Please provide us with the following information and we will put together an instrument-only quote for you.